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The Loss of My Father, My Mentor

The greatest man I’ve ever known….Michael Miller, my father! May he rest in peace 😇

What big events have taken place in your life over the past year?

This past year was the most challenging year I’ve ever had to endure. My dad had been struggling with lung cancer amid a plethora of other health complications. Unfortunately I was not in great health either and there were many times I felt too ill to attend family functions or even communicate as much as I would have liked. Luckily for me, however, my dad knew the struggles of having a chronic illness and not only did he completely understand my inability to be there all the time, he commiserated with me. My dad and I shared a very special bond that was like no other relationship in the family. We both had our vices, we both had auto immune disorders, we both were stubborn as hell, and we both had an amazing sense of humor. I am obviously devastated that he’s gone but he gave me the amazing gift of closure and for that I’m forever grateful. We said goodbye and he let me know how proud of me he was and in that moment I was consumed with bliss and a lingering feeling of relief.


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