Don’t be a dick!

It’s so easy to be selfish these days but I urge you to be different.  Put others feelings ahead of your own.  Smile and be friendly to everyone you encounter.  Use common courtesy when you’re out in public.  Hold doors for people, say please and thank you, help an elderly person put groceries in their car, ect.  Don’t be a DICK! The world has too many of those already.  The U.S. has some very bad energy right now and the only way to change it, is to kill them with kindness!  It’s so simple to hate everything and be skeptic of everyone but it’s much more rewarding to exude positivity.  Smile at everyone you see and you will notice that most people will smile back at you.  Go out there and be the most amazing, positive version of yourself! Let’s spread some LOVE and POSITIVITY! 

Chronically Ill

Since 2003 I have been struggling with Crohn’s disease.  I have been on every medication out there and nothing helps.  The constant pain is enough to make you snap and kill yourself, but that would be letting the disease win and I won’t stand for that!  I had a colon re-section in October of 2010 and coming up on December 1st, I will be having another colon surgery.  This surgery will remove my anus, rectum and two feet of intestines.  My asshole will be sewn shut and I will get a colostomy bag to use for the rest of my life.