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Losing too much weight and starting to worry……

November 2022 and I’m 108lbs
(which is more than 20lbs lighter than I normally weigh)
I’ve got to admit that like every female ever since the dawn of time, I am concerned with my appearance. I’m always changing my hair, finding new styles and rockin new looks.  My weight is something that fluctuates often and without reason but lately it has taken a drastic shift. In a matter of two months, I managed to lose 35 pounds without trying at all. I’m terrified that I have something seriously wrong with me but I just don’t know what to do. Every time I’ve gone in for help in the past, I get treated like a girl who is purposely trying to lose weight and the doctors don’t take me seriously. It’s not until they do my blood work that they finally realize I do have some serious issues going on and they need to be addressed now.

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