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41 years ago two young people found love,

Fate brought them together to build a life.

Their amazing connection seemed sent from above,

The man overjoyed, made this angel his wife.

Soon after marriage they longed for more,

To fill their home with the laughter of a child.

The man promised a child would come, he was sure,

After a lot of trying they were blessed with a boy.

The wife found motherhood to be her true calling,

Never in her life had she experienced such joy.

From the feeding, the teething, the diapers and crawling,

She cherished every aspect of being a mom.

A baby girl joined the family four years later,

She was a bit more fussy and far from calm.

I’m sure there were times the mother wanted to sedate her,

But instead the mother loved her with all her heart.

After another four years came the final addition,

A beautiful girl who’s size was off the chart!

Having three kids was quite the transition,

But the mother handles it with such grace and ease.

The couples dreams had all come true,

Being a loving wife and mother was her expertise.

With all the love and support there was nothing the family couldn’t do!

I’m sure as children we had lots of complaints,

But the truth is that are parents are truly saints!

My amazing parents, Mary and Mike


























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