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ShitBag Mag’s Out for Blood

I’ve always felt my family was everything,

An assortment of people who loved without reason.

I’ve always been me, with so much to bring,

To the table, til I was cast out like last season.

Is that all you got? You fat miserable fuck?

Spewing words of hate at me, Glenda the good witch

Bet You’re disappointed because I never got buck,

See, I’d rather annihilate you like this … you silly lil bitch

Fuck you and your baby killin desires,

Me and mine can walk through those fires.

A pussy, a punk, a poor excuse of a man,

Kill yourself bitch, sounds like a plan!

Whoops I forgot, that would take balls!

Sorry mr. Bitchass cant take your calls!


What a bunch of miserable cunts, obsessed with that chedda

Damn dude don’t you realize that shit don’t make you betta


Your hate astounds me, your ignorance surrounds me,

Your bullshit offends me, as does your face,

Fuck off lil Mickey, go take your place.

You’re so sad, just a fucked up waste of space.


Woah don’t go, not just yet,

You’re gonna want to hear this next set.

It’s time for the infamous fat fuck, AKA the great busted ass Dump truck.

How can you do it, day after day?

Isn’t it exhausting always getting your way?

The house, the cars, all the meaningless shit,

The lies that you tell yourself to try to feel legit,

You’re a Greedy gluttonous woman, selfish to the core.

Not capable of love, cause it can’t be bought at the store.

A devastating existence to all in your wake,

Causing hurt and destruction with every move you make.

How does it feel to know you’ll never know satisfaction ,

Doomed to be in a loveless marriage with zero attraction.

Misery loves company, so at least you’ve got Mick,

A shell of a person so intent on being a dick,

He doesn’t even realize you’re a straight up lunatic

The prison you’ve created is perfectly crafted,

Karmas a bitch, that’s why y’all have lasted.

You’ll never be anything, but a breeding ground for hate,

Destined to remain nothing more than evil incarnate.


Then one fine April day,

The most beautiful girl came to stay.

You gave birth to an angel sent from above,

All you had to do was give her all your love.

But you couldn’t do that because you always put yourself first,

 And of course she had red hair so you figured you were cursed.


Together y’all make quite the pair,

Filling your kids lives with great despair.

Grey Is Your stunning first born with blue eyes and red hair,

So of course you had to treat her like a fucking nightmare.

You hate the fact that she looks like me,

You can’t just let that beautiful girl be.

What kind of mother is jealous of her own daughter,

Simply because she is so much hotter.

Mills is the only one that stands a chance,

Simply because he was born into a better circumstance.

Having a boy poses no threat to you,

So his life shouldn’t be too hard to get through.

Then there’s poor little Scout,

Who almost drowned because no one was looking out.

Thankfully another child was paying attention,

Because y’all provided absolutely no protection.

Being a mother should be the utmost reward,

Not a chance to exercise your abilities as an overlord.

Judging others is a sad attempt to make y’all feel superior,

But all it does is reinforce your that you’re both wildly inferior.

Dismantling a family seems to be your calling,

Which any sane person would agree is appalling.

One day when you’ve finally pushed everyone away,

You’ll be forced to Suffer alone as a tragic divorcée.

* I would like to dedicate this little rap to my brother Mickey, may he always regret the things he has done to me.

4 responses to “ShitBag Mag’s Out for Blood”

  1. This is obviously a long time coming as the spouse of this particular Warrior . On top Of dealing with the day today hell of being in her body She also has to deal with the ridicule the and reminder that she’s no longer part of the family in which she was raised actual words from siblings. She was left out of when everybody decided to come through the home looking for God knows what ,she was left out of ,only to be told it’s all in the garbage if you want anything? The next visit I had I was greeted by a gigantic security camera in the front window and all of mom‘s jewelry boxes and important documents in tin boxes, including marriage licenses ,birth certificates etc. were left out on the lanai which was unlocked in the middle of a storm as if it had been ram sacked without any care in total disregard for the owner which myself and your ex sibling took the time to move back into the house into safety out of the rain and unlocked screened in room. . The cherry on top was finding the person who made it very clear to everybody long before anybody was dead and when all possible members of the family were present that nobody was to move into that house and I can’t say I’m surprised .when I heard that you moved in. it’s not my place to speak on matters of the family when you clearly had marital issues that put you where you are at however just know that you having an outrageous unsubstantiated concern that your sister was going to somehow move in while her father was on his deathbed was the furthest thing from her mind and if anybody had bothered to ask they would have known I had a falling out with my employer I wasn’t independently wealthy and able to drive back-and-forth and the most logical move was for Maggie to stay at her parents house to be there for the family because I had Griffin to pick up from school off of the bus the next day leaving me no possible way to commandeer a house or whatever outrageous plan you had convince everyone was underway. From our perspective you have to understand every avenue that we attempted to take in order to be there and be part of the family in due what your father deserved and quite frankly your sister has the right to be a part of , she was completely shut out shunned and ultimately somehow this ended up in us mainly Maggie being a villain or to blame or to be upset with that is something I will not allow to be put on her I am sorry everybody grieves in their own way and nobody’s thinking clearly that is understood but take a step back and put yourself in our shoes things look a lot differently from where we are standing and it is mine demand that your sister is only an apology because she also was grieving yet had to undergo attacks from all angles this is not some thing Maggie is saying this is not something that I felt I needed to say on her behalf this is something that a almost by standard watched happen and to be quite clear I had warned her long before your father was on his deathbed that family dynamics change drastically and people will absolutely surprise you in the worst way and she was very very hesitant to believe anything or any part of what I had to say unfortunately it was far worse than she could’ve ever imagined if the goal was to systematically remove her as you so openly stated she never wanted anything to do with you in the first place but no you will not will ever come between your sister and your mother as your father made very clear , They were to be a pair she was to be by her side and she has absolutely no intentions of letting anything come between them!

    To be VERY clear I never had interest in some will with multiple versions OR even more gross have mom redo a will without any other siblings involved tells 1 thing A story about exactly what it is you’re willing to do to the family for money.

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  2. Your poem is very intense and I find it wonderful
    It touched my heart because I had a fight last week with my mother and my sister and my family for me is just suffering.

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    1. Thank you, I know it’s intense but that’s why I had to write it! My mom read this and apparently sent it to my brother and sister, so now the shit has really hit the fan!

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